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Go-Nextion Medical Coding and Billing USA, Inc. is a neophyte in medical industry with primary goal on creating exemplary services for Medical Coding, Billing and Receivable Management.

Throughout the history of modern health care, practitioners and clients use Medical Coding, Billing and Receivable management to swiftly ease their transaction and focus on healing and mastering their craft.Our mission is to make our clients our TEAM PARTNER providing  our services more simple and transparent. Today we provide the most reliable and competitive services in the industry.

Our Values

In Go-Nextion, our customers are more than just a client — they are our FAMILY. This is the reason why we uphold our services with utmost integrity.

The core of our actions as a company revolves around these three values: Honesty, Excellence and Teamwork.


We always keep our integrity intact. We stamp on genuine and precise services to our clients.


We pursue excellent service by committing to the highest standard on our performance.


We embark on building a team with our client as this is a powerful way of tackling challenges and engagement on pursuing quality service.

No need for appointment, Go-Nextion will do the rest. A company focused on effective Medical Coding & Billing, Practice Management, and Revenue Collection. Ask us how!


To be the LEGENDARY choice of health care practitioners in Medical Coding, Billing and Receivable Management.


We commit to work as a TEAM PARTNER by rendering efficient solutions and quality service in Medical Billing, Coding and Receivable Management.


Our goal is to create a exemplary way on having a high standard of professional ethics thru our efficient and well-rounded Trained Coders, Billers and Administrative Staff to exceed client’s expectation.

  • TRAINED MEDICAL CODERS, BILLERS and ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF founded & molded in the field of servicehood



Our Team

Ruth has been practicing Family Medicine with the Department of Health Services, County of Los Angeles for 25 years.

Ruth N. Arceo


Lilah has 24-years of experience in front and back office management of a medical office and 12-years of experience in medical coding and billing. She has assisted several local coding and billing companies and set up their operations. In addition to coding and billing practice, she also teaches Medical Insurance Billing and Medical Assisting.

Lilah Slankard


Christell is a home health vocational nurse. She previously worked as a facility and house manager in residential care facilities with different disabilities.

Marianne Christell D. Prado


Carilida is the Financial Manager of Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Department of Pathology. Recently retired from the County of Los Angeles after 30 years of service. As county employee, she is responsible in giving critical support to senior county management officials in the fiscal audit and State Medical Program Recertification of Harbor-UCLA Mental Health Outpatient Clinics.

Carlida P. Miguel