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medical coding

Medical Coding

  • Translate technical details into coded forms

  • Assign and sequence all codes for services given and rendered

  • Observe all legal requirements regarding coding procedures and practices

  • Conduct coding reviews to ensure all documentation is precise

  • Contact physicians and other health care professionals with questions about treatments or diagnostic tests given to patients with regard to coding procedures

  • Collaborate with billing department to ensure all bills are satisfied in a timely manner

  • Communicate with insurance companies about coding errors and disputes

medical billing

Medical Billing

  • Electronic submission of claims to 3rd party payers

  • Paper billing and filing

  • Charges and payment posting

  • Review and follow-up unpaid claims from insurance carriers and process any additional requirements

  • Fee analysis to ensure that claims are paid at least the contracted fee schedules

  • Patient’s receivable management

  • Authorizations, denials and appeals management

  • Assist in Personal injury cases after a lien is set in place

practice management

Practice Management

  • Medical practice set-up and support

  • Front and back office process evaluation for efficiency and compliance

clinical crendentialing

Clinical Credentialing

  • Confirm that the credentials of health care professionals are compliant with state and federal standards and law

  • Verify the credibility of practitioner information thru universities, licensing agencies, and certification groups

  • Process re-credentialing paperwork and maintain a database of practitioners' training, education, licensing, and experience information, specialists

  • Ensure that practitioners correspond and adhere to hospital and staff policies, profession regulations, and government laws

medical review

Medical Review

  • Carefully look at individual patient medical record to check for missing documentation and information

  • Check for doctor's notes that show any evidence of patient neglect or abuse

  • Check and verify that all documents and paper works was signed by correct member and/or staff

  • When problem arise with the record, a citation is issued to the medical staff member if needed

  • Informing the member about a timeline to set period to fix the mistake

  • Follow-through to ensure the record is up to compliance

  • Identifies provider's non-compliance with coverage, coding, billing, and payment policies through careful investigation of data and evaluation of all information

health compliance

Healthcare Compliance

  • Keeping practitioners up to date on rules and regulations on federal and state and health care laws

  • Conduct standard procedure and review on changes of federal laws

  • Prevent and carefully assess information against fraud

  • Boost providers to be active about preventing and detecting fraud, waste and abuse

  • Train and keep up to date details about changes on ethical standard for health care practitioner to uphold quality health care

  • To assist health care practitioners avoid possible criminal law, malpractice and negligence

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